About Me & Why Low Carb Healthy Fat Eating?

For the 30 years that I have been practising medicine, I have done my best to do as I was taught. Some of what I was taught is now shown to be incorrect. I am referring to dietary advice regarding low-fat eating that was given to help reduce heart disease. As a consequence of this advice, the 'Developed’ world has become fatter. The low-fat ‘experiment’ of the last few decades has not worked & has created the obesity epidemic (& its complications) such that the cost of healthcare is becoming prohibitive.

Some of the advantages

Effective and sustained weight loss without calorie counting. 

Improvement/Correction of diabetes. 

Improvement/Correction of metabolic syndrome.

Now is the time to change, time to go back to eating in a healthier way of eating.

All the best in your life/journey and let's make the world a healthier place.

Dr Marcus Hawkins BM BS FRNZCGP

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