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Today I downloaded and watched 'FAT A DOCUMENTARY' by Vinnie Tortorich.

I must say it is perfect! It is the complete package for explaining how our dietary guidelines came to be in the last 50 years or so. It summarises succinctly the complex and arguably corrupt way in which Western world has evolved to become fatter and sicker. The style of presentation is very matter-of-fact, very clear and to the point.

The presenters or all well-known and highly regarded within the LCHF sphere and are experts.

One remark in particular, keeps coming back to me and that is the point made by Nina Teicholz, and that is the question as to why health professionals cannot be open to new ideas, even if it comes from patients and/or other professionals/journalists.

I feel that the film complements in a major way all the efforts that Nina Teicholz went to and so meticulously documented in her book, 'THE BIG FAT SURPRISE'.

I recommend this documentary to everyone including medical students and doctors. You will be surprised and learn something.

It is the perfect jumping-off point for any health professional to start along the path of low carbohydrate healthy fat eating & patient management.

The whole concept of LCHF has certainly changed me, if not completely physically, certainly in terms of my way of thinking about health and medicine.

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