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Fastfood after lockdown

28 April 2020 & New Zealand has just come-out of of level 4 lockdown & is now in level 3. We are now at the stage where some businesses can start operating again & we can now go & pick-up coffee and food from our favourite eateries. The newly acquired sense of freedom, expressed by many as waiting in line outside McDonald's and KFC to name just two pillars of our fast food community. "How sad" I said on Facebook, that this should be the first thing you think of. However, on reflection, it is probably one of the first things we would think of. We all like a treat and we deserve to be rewarded for our efforts so far. So there is no harm in a treat. I don't feel overly zealous with respect to low carb/ketogenic eating in this context but I do feel sad about the fact that society is so efficiently indoctrinated and people easily follow the herd to the Golden Arches of McDonald's or the glorious aroma eminating from KFC. There are of course other eateries but these two have had the most attention in the media in the last 24 hours.

Again, this is just a treat for some, but for many it is a means to an end, namely to feed family cheaply. The consequences of eating densely packed carbohydrate enticingly smothered with processed fat and salt serves only to make these companies richer and the nation poorer through the ensuing obesity when these meals are regular fare for the poorer people in society. I guess I felt, as quite a few people did, that when you eventually get that fast food in your hand, you are about to enjoy something very special. However, for me it is often not what it is been promised to be. Highly processed, briefly fulfilling and fattening. These meals have often been a disappointment to me in that for me they are also invariably cold, sloppily put together, smell better than they taste and often served in pretty shabby surroundings. Nevertheless, on at least more than one occasion I have been enticed in to these 'restaurants', spent my money and sometimes enjoyed the food. I have yet to go and get McDonald's or 'K Fry' and probably will, probably to regret it. Just saying...

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