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O - OBESITY The obesity/prediabetes/diabetes epidemic must be reversed or controlled.

F - FAT Fat alone won’t make you fat. There is no proof that dietary fat increases the

risk of cardiovascular disease.

G - GLUCOSE The human does not need carbohydrates/starches/sugar as a food

source. Once broken down to glucose it only makes you fat or fatter.

C - CHOLESTEROL Cholesterol is good. It is essential for the body in a number of very

important ways. The body regulates cholesterol levels. High doses of cholesterol lead to a reduction in cholesterol. Cholesterol subfractions are generally more important than total total cholesterol. Elevated LDL is not necessarily bad as it probably consisting of a large proportion of the sub- fraction of ‘good’ LDL.

E EAT Eat until full

B BALANCE Get the balance right - eat fat and moderate protein and as few carbs

as possible

The Objective is to reduce carbohydrate exposure & its complications by eating more fat, as Fat alone wont make you fat, minimise the ingestion of Glucose in its various forms, remembering that Cholesterol is not necessarily the enemy & Eating until full with the right Balance of macronutrients.

Fat Guys/Girls Can Eat Butter

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